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Station One Cafe's N.Z. Lamb Chops

Station One Lamb Chops

Warning: The following review has been flagged for excessive use of the word Awesome. Reading this article may cause a severe case of Awesometitis. Remember Awesomeness is addictive.

In case any off you were hiding under a coconut or was walking down the yellow brick road, last weekend was the Rainforest World Music Festival. This awesome award winning annual festival held at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong showcases the artistes in World Music. It took me until the 14th edition to get my behind into this festival. Hey better late than never.

I was only able to attend 2 out of the 3 nights so my testimonial would not be 100% accurate. From what I gathered from other attendees, the Friday night concert was very entertaining and lively. However others have said that previous years concerts were more awesome and that the festival has lost it focus.

My own 2¢ on this festival is that it is an awesome event. You can enjoy it sitting down or buzzing around amongst the crowd. Of course not all the music would make you gyrate like a pogo stick with a jackhammer extension and all the music isn’t purely ethnic but hey it is still awesome. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is a list of other bloggers who went.


Now the festival is over and the tourists have all headed home. But fear not there is another place in Kuching where you can enjoy awesome music and this time you can enjoy it with an awesome dish to fill your tummy too. Where is this place you ask? It is at the Hills Shopping Centre, namely at Station One Café.

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According to their website, their mission is to

“To consistently excel in delivering marvelous customer service by providing:

  • the most enjoyable atmosphere
  • top quality food and beverages”

They do this by having live music every once in a while in their restaurant. For sure the music is not at the same standard as what you would find at the RWMF but it is still nice to have some live entertainment while you enjoy your dinner. Provided they don’t sound like American Idol rejects.

What they do have that in common with RWMF is that both of them have won awards. RMWF won the TOP 25 Music Festival from Songline  and Station One’s NZ Lamb Chop is apparently award winner as well and of course both of them are awesome.

This dish is cooked just right, keeping the meat tender while preserving the awesome taste of lamb. There are three sauces for this dish, black pepper, mushroom and their own Station One Sauce. The first two sauces are the classics and do not disappoint while the later is a tangy dip that surprisingly works well with lamb. I would have liked to see a mint sauce in the menu but hey it is still awesome.

The accompaniments of potato wedges, coleslaw and corn on the cob are good. The corn on the cob is a nice touch as it goes extremely well with the dish. The portions are decent (2 pieces of lamb chop and nice servings of the sides), allowing you to enjoy some appetizers or desserts if you want to but still keep you full enough without the extras. And there is of course the other most awesome thing about this dish is the price. A very reasonable RM18.90 .

So all in all this is the best lamb chop you can get in Kuching for under RM20 and is still one of the best in Kuching overall. And I’m pretty sure the ones that have better lamb chops are charging at least double of what they are charging. How’s that for awesome.


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