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Kuching Fest Food & Trade Fair 2011 - Singapore Durian Cream Puff

All Alone in the the moonlight,
I can smile at the old days,
I was beautiful then,
I remember,
The time I knew what happiness was,
Let the memory live again.

Any idea where this lyric comes from? If you were thinking of Barbra Streisand, well she did cover this song. The original song is the piece de resistance in the musical CATS. Hands up those who knew this fact. Give yourself a cookie. And if you are fasting, please wait till you buka ok?

CATS is composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and first opened in the West End all the way back in 1981 running for a total of 21 years. It is the second longest running musical on Broadway and the fourth longest running West End show. While I have watched my fair share of musicals, this was unfortunately not one of them. I’m sure I would have loved it. What’s not to love? After all I am most definitely a cat person.

While I don’t hate dogs, cats, to me, seems more elegant and classy. Dogs are too willing to please. Cats are a rather more complicated creature. Like the famous saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have staff. Cats do things at their own terms. They will give you affection but usually at the most inopportune time possible. I have a friend who owns a cat that loved to walk on his keyboard while he was playing computer games.

Hey if you don’t believe me, ask John Arbuckle, the owner personal assistant to Garfield. This fat and obnoxious cat is my favourite comic book cat ever. This pasta loving cat is the probable cause of my love for good Italian food and my rotund mid section. Yes I am blaming my excess lard on a fictional cat. I was such a fan that during a trip to the doctor’s at age 11 when my doctor commented that I was slightly overweight, I corrected her by saying that I was just slightly undertall.

If this has not dissuaded you from having a cat as a pet, please head over to our lovely SSPCA and adopt yourself a cat. Last weekend at the Green Heights Mall, they were getting people to adopt kittens and adult cats. For RM30 you can get your own neutered cat. If this hasn’t pushed you over the edge, remember Kuching means cat. Look at the amount of cat statues we have!

So I guess it won’t be much of a surprise to see that the mascot for the Kuching Fest 2011 is still a cat! Of course, when the Kuching Fest is around we all know it is time for the Food Fair. As usual the Food Fair is held at the MBKS Community Hall from the 30th of July to 21st of August.

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I went there on the 1st of August, 23 years to the day since Kuching became a city, to scout to see what delicacies were on offer. Most of the things at the Food Fair is the customary stuff that we see there every year. Most of the larger F&B outlets in Kuching, do make their presence felt in the fair. But every year there is always that something special. Last year it was the awesome sausage. It is back this year but of course there are now 3 other stalls selling sausages as well. Such is the price of success.

There were a few interesting items available including the deep fried burgers. I was quite intrigued by this stall. I thought to myself, deep fried burgers, how very Scottish. I wonder if they have deep fried mars bars. Sadly they didn’t have mars bars and their burgers did not live up to my expectations.

So the search went on, although just for minute amount time because just a few meters away there was the stall that is without a doubt the must try stall this year. The Singapore Durian cream Puff stall. This is definitely fusion food at its best, a very western profiterole with a very South East Asian durian.

While this is not an original creation (it is common enough in KL and Singapore), it is the only stall to sell these cream puffs at the fair. There is another stall selling durian pancakes but heck this is Choux a la crème durian! At RM2.80 a pop, they are not cheap but what did you expect? Durian is an expensive fruit.

A word of warning. If your better half isn’t particularly fond of the king of fruits, you might not want to bring these puffs back lest you want to sleep on the couch. To be honest, when I bought them, I was half expecting it to be rather mild like Thai durians or your run of the mill durian ice cream. But a whiff of the choux pastry put those fears to rest. It had proper durian smell and proper durian taste.

They definitely did not skimp on the durian. The nice texture of the choux pastry and sweetness of the cream would have put me on cloud nine but add to that the kick of durian and you get something that will create happy memories.

So get yourself down to the Food fair now. Forget the sausage. This time you know what happiness is. Happiness is those durian cream puffs.

P.S. would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims a Happy Ramadhan. May everyone be a better person during this Holy month.


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