Coffee, Tea or Me?

Café Majestic High Tea Buffet

Cafe Majestic High Tea Buffet

During my time as a student in Australia, I picked up a few of their habits. I had my share of sausage rolls and meat pies. I learnt to drink beer and wine. I watch cricket, rugby and Aussie Rules. I instinctively reply when someone shouts “Aussie Aussie Aussie”.

Enjoying coffee was another piece of the Aussie way of life I brought back from Down Under. The Italian immigrants brought the techniques necessary when they moved there. The coffee culture really blossomed while I was there. You could always get an awesome cup of coffee whichever way you like and we are not talking Starbucks here. There were plenty of little hideaway cafes. Some filled with suffering artists and poor students, while others were filled with the hip and trendy, munching on their bruschettas and drinking their soy milk lattes.

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On the other end of the spectrum was having tea. Australia being an British colony obviously picked up the dainty habit. I also learnt to enjoy having a cuppa. For sure, you could have tea in a café as you would coffee, and I often do, but nothing really quite beats like a hot cup of tea on a lazy afternoon at home with the exception of having one right after a long hike.

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Afternoon tea as we know it is also called low tea. Go ahead, have a guess why. It has to do with the table it is served on. Or more precisely its height. The picture in my head was always tea and biscuits in the living room with all of it placed nicely on the coffee (tea?) table. Hence the name, low tea. Not particular creative were they.

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This leads us to High Tea, the raison d’etre of this blog post. And the seed that started it all? A question. Why do they call it High Tea? I would like to believe it is because they used “special” tea leaves. That would be a sight. A bunch of people stoned after drinking their tea. The buffet line is obviously for the inevitable munchies. But alas, it is just because the table is high.

As part of my research for this article, I went for the High Tea Buffet at Café Majestic @ The Riverside Majestic Hotel. Just kidding, we celebrated a mate’s birthday there. The price was RM35++ per pax. This being a hotel, the décor was expectedly classy. Not uber chic but definitely not Old Town.

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You had a choice of mains, salads, pastries and of course, deserts. Sticking to the time tested buffet strategy, I shied away from the salads, noodles and rice and went straight to the meats. This particular time they had chicken guillotine, fried chicken wings and the beef and chicken satay. They also had the potato wedges which I couldn’t resist.  The desserts were really eye pleasing. All manner of cake and kuehs, all nicely presented, sticking a leg out for your attention. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy they also have an ice cream station with choices for toppings. There is even an ice kacang station!

The quality of the food served was decent. They are not spectacular and there are minor issues with each dish (except for the wedges which were nice) but overall they came in at par with most hotels here. But of course none of this really matters as you know, the whole reason for bringing anyone round for a bit of tea is for the chit chat and you would have no trouble doing it here.


P.S. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!


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