Change is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

New Happy Cafe Chow Chai Hung Ngan

New Happy Cafe - Chao Chai Hong Ngan

Change is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

The other day my girlfriend and I headed to our sick noodle place. Yes one of us was under the weather. But to our surprise the stall was gone. Our sick noodle was no more. I still have no idea where she went. Maybe she just moved to a different location or she just decided to close the stall and move on.

Then I found out the coffee shop that housed the Gu Bak Mee stall, Sakura Café, has changed owners. And they were going to do a major renovation and will be closed for 2 weeks. No beef noodles for 2 weeks! Oh well. Luckily they are part of a family franchise!

I guess what I am trying to say is that such is life, abound with changes. Look around you, nothing is permanent. Did you know most parts of your body is much younger than you are? Your lungs are 2-3 weeks old, your skin is 2-4 weeks, your intestines are 2-3 days, your hair is 3-6 years old and your bones are about 10 years old. At least we came with all the cells of our brains, which we slowly lose over our lifetime.

Of course, even though we are surrounded by changes everywhere we are pretty resistant to change. Maybe it is our own inertia that is making us resist. Sometimes it is better for us to accept change especially if the change is inevitable. Why fight something that is going to happen with or without you?

Anyway, let us change now. Let’s have a change of topic and pace. Let’s talk about something traditional, a traditional dish of the Sibu Foochows, Chow Chai Hung Ngan (Preserved Vegetable with Thick Vermicelli). This dish is basically a noodle (in this case thick vermicelli) soup. The soup is a sour soup made from the preserved vegetables. You can find them in a lot of places nowadays in Kuching as Foochow food is much more common. Anyway, the one for today is from the New Happy Café! I don’t know what happened to the old one but the new one is at Ang Cheng Ho Road, tucked away in a smaller road off the main way.

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The Chow Chai Hung Ngan (CCHN) has a preserved vegetable soup based. They serve it with pork, ‘spare parts’, fish balls and other vegetables. The soup has a nice sour taste but nothing that will make your mouth shut tighter than Fort Knox. This definitely makes it a huge change from the standard salty and/or spicy breakfast fare. The hung ngan is another nice change as well and does taste better than versions of this dish made with bee hoon.

A word of warning, they also have a fish version and a king prawn version. They are probably very nice since this dish can only get better with the addition of fresh seafood. The only problem is that those two versions are very expensive. The fish chow chai hong ngan if I remember correctly is RM12.00 a bowl. This is like triple the normal price.  I remember because a friend of mine went with his wife to eat there on a Friday. Being Catholics, they asked for fish instead of meat. They were certainly surprised when the bill came. They still went back there to eat but now avoids the fish version. Luckily for them, they didn’t order the king prawn version!

So if you feel like a change in your breakfast routine, maybe you should go for this uniquely Foochow breakfast. Go on, be adventurous and live a little.


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