Kids and Picky eaters

Ta Wan Kung Fried Chicken Kolo Mee

Ta Wan Kung Fried Chicken Kolo Mee

I am at an age where most of my friends are either parents or are soon to be. Kids are cute. The way they play. The way they talk. The way they laugh. They grow up right in front of your eyes.  I guess these are the joys of parenthood.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I am not yearning to have kids yet nor am I hearing any ticks on my male biological clock. And I know that for every happy moment there are tons of worry, fatigue and testing moments. I can see the lack of sleep evident in the eyes of my friends.

Then there is the feeding. Feeding kids is not an easy task. When they are younger, keeping it in their mouths is a problem. Parents have to make sure that the kids eat and not fling the food halfway across the table. If they are outside, it gets even more difficult. First of all, getting the proper seat for the kid can be tough especially since some restaurants don’t even have baby chairs! I know for a fact that a friend of mine actually brings his daughters baby chair to restaurants. That’s a dedicated parent for you.

Of course it doesn’t get any easier when they grow a little bit older. Some might turn out to be really picky eaters. I know this because I was one picky eater. I didn’t eat a lot of vegetables nor did I eat a lot of meat. The only thing I can remember liking was (is!) salted vegetables and salted fish. My grandmother even gave me the nickname “Salted Fish King”! Even till today, I still can go through a lot of salted fish.

If you have a picky eater for a kid, you might want to pay a visit to Ta Wan Kung in Jalan Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang. x What you can get here is the famous fried chicken kolo mee. The place is open for breakfast and you might still be able to get a bite around noon. But if you come here during the peak breakfast time (around 8:30 – 10) during the weekends, be prepared to wait around for a table.

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The dish itself is interesting. The kolo mee is nice and I love the taste of fried garlic in it but it is definitely not the best out there. The chicken is not KFC but is still nice tasting. I don’t think there are many kids that can turn down fried chicken or kolo mee. Put them together and what you should get is an irresistible dish to kids and even for some adults.

For those of you not versed in Mandarin, Ta Wan Kung means Big Bowl Grandfather. While the normal bowls are nothing special, you can always upsize it to a large bowl. While it isn’t too large, it should keep big eaters full and at least let the restaurant keep true to its name.

I believe that Ta Wan Kung was the first to sell this dish but like all good products they have been copied. You can now find this dish at other shops and some have even modified the dish a bit by making it with pork. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In this case, Ta Wan Kung should really feel flattered. That alone should be enough reason to pay a visit here. Don’t forget to bring the kids.


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