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Oriental Park Kolo Mee

Oriental Park - Kolo Mee

Hey folks! It’s eve of Christmas Eve! I hope all your Christmas shopping is done. Last post I talked about buying gifts for friends and family but Christmas is also a time to receive presents as well! Hooray! I don’t mean to sound materialistic, but hey, getting Christmas loot is always fun.  And it isn’t about the price of the gift, any gift will do.  In the words of Garfield, it is not the having, it is the getting!

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One nice thing about getting presents is the surprise factor, especially when you get a gift that you weren’t expecting or the gift you got was way better than you expected. Since I’m not Christian, any gift I get during Christmas is unexpected and hence I’m happy regardless. Of course, they are plenty of spoilt people that will go mental for receiving something that wasn’t what they wanted.  On the flip side, not all of us can react as if we were the lucky ones to be in Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things.

In the spirit of Christmas, I shall give a present to you all. As this is the digital era, and I am as cheap as Ebenezer Scrooge pre ghost visits, I’m giving out the location to the most hidden but tasty kolo mee in Kuching City, the Oriental Park kopitiam. Located next to the old Cathay Cinema, it is hidden from view for most motorists and even most pedestrian.

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The only thing that they sell here is the kolo noodles. You can have your choice of mee, mee pok, kueh tiaw or bee hoon of course. The kolo mee itself is nice with a mix of the old and new taste. I love their version with extra soy sauce. The blackness of the noodle might scare some away, but give it a try, it is wonderful. ( As an aside, most from the Penisula looks at our plain white noodles and worry that it has no taste, but we here abhor the addition of black soy sauce on our noodles).

However, that is not the main reason why one should eat here. The real reason is the extremely nice traditional char siew. They still roast their own char siew here, and over a charcoal fire! I wish I could buy just the char siew but they only make enough of it for their stall’s consumption. If you want to eat it, you have to order a bowl of kolo mee.

They utilize an old biscuit tin that goes on top of the char coal as a DIY roast oven. The pieces of pork are then hanged in the biscuit tin. What you get is a nice char siew that has tons of caramelized goodness but has a texture rather more akin to jerky than the juicy fat char siews we are used to.

Nowadays, they finish off the char siew in a more conventional appliance so that they get the nice char siew oil. If they cooked it the traditional method, all those lovely juices would have ended up in the charcoal. With this, they now serve kolo mee with char siew oil, making a noodle a nice looking red colour like Rudolph’s nose!

Anyway readers, I hope you enjoy this Christmas gift of mine. Do try and pop in for a bowl when you can. My best advice is to park at Electra House and walk across but do come early as both the noodles and parking spaces goes quickly. Till the next post, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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