Pigs. Anger. Birds.

The Pumpkin - Pork Chops

The Pumpkin - Pork Chops

If you look in any smartphone, chances are there is an Angry Birds app in there. It doesn’t matter if the phone is an iphone or an android or a symbian. It doesn’t matter whether the owner is a girl or a boy. Even age is not a factor. Don’t believe me? Check with the next person with a smartphone.

For those of you who do not know what is Angry Birds, let me be the first to wish you a warm welcome back to civilization. Have you had your kolo mee yet? Here is a quick refresher course on Angry Birds. It is a simple puzzle game where the objective is to shoots birds at pigs. It is actually just a latest reincarnation of the artillery game in the tradition of Artillery, Gorillas, Worms and GunBound. If you want to decrease your productivity click here.

Oh and do you know what you would call this game in Hokkien? Tu Lan Ciao. Now back to the game, why would anyone shoot birds at pigs you ask? Cos them pigs are … well… pigs.

Makes more sense now doesn’t it? You would beat the crap out of the pig that tries to steal your eggs too. Even if the pig doesn’t look green, it would be in for a world of hurt. And if the pig was Babe, all I can say is can you smell what the Rock is cooking? I can. It’s bacon that’s cooking.

So let’s sum this all up in 3 words. Pig. Anger. Bird. Which is also the three words that comes to mind when I remember my dinner at the pumpkin. Don’t know where the pumpkin is? It is located at Brighton Square, Jalan Song or you can just check out the map below.

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Pig (well pork.. more specifically pork chops)

It was refreshing to see pork on the menu here as most western places here in Kuching, tend to shy away from hogs. So I was more than happy to order the dish. The dish itself looked alright when it came. Just a bit smaller than what I expected. While the servings of veggies and potato wedges were a bit on the sparse side, they did give 3 good pieces of pork.

The pork itself was nothing spectacular even bordering on bland. Maybe it could have done with a bit more seasoning. The meat wasn’t over cooked and was tender enough. All in all it would have been quite an anonymous dish. Except for…..

Anger (ok.. maybe just a little bit miffed)

The sauce. It could be that the sauce was some fancy reduction of balsamic vinegar but it didn’t taste like one. It tasted just like a typical off the shelf sweet and sour sauce. The kind that you find in cheap Chinese restaurants in some western countries whose sole purpose of existence is to serve pseudo Chinese food to unsuspecting Caucasians. I think I would have been more satisfied with a stock standard brown sauce.

Birds (always try it first)

In conclusion, let me give you all a word of advice. When first trying out a restaurant, always always always try the chicken first. If they can screw up a chicken chop, you can be sure that they can f**k up the rest.



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  1. at least the serving is generous…as for the substandard sauce, you can always kill it with a hefty coating of english mustard!

    Comment by kaptainstarlight on 9 June 2011 at 8:44 am