Rest and Relaxation

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

Sunny Hill Ice Cream

These couple of weeks has been a hectic week and after hard week, rest and relaxation is needed. A good way to relax is to go for a massage. It doesn’t really matter what type of massage you get. Foot massage, full body massage, shiatsu massage, thai massage. There are all good in my book. I’ve even heard of a tukang urut in 10th mile that not only makes you feel good but heals your body too!

If massages are not your thing, a good hot bath is an alternative. I have always enjoyed a good hot bath. Just lying down, listening to music while reading a book is a very enjoyable way to relax. Let the warm bath soak away the tension in your body. But not every house has a bath. Mine doesn’t.

A movie is another way to transport yourself away from the stresses of everyday life. Go for a popcorn flick. Nothing that makes you think too much. Go see a superhero movie. Captain America is on right now. Just check your brains at the door and escape into Marvel’s universe for 124 minutes. Of course, the problem here is that not everyone has 2 hours to spare and not many people can go watch a movie by themselves. I only know a handful of people that has actually watched a whole movie in a cinema alone.

So what else can you do to get your piece of R&R? Easy. Just head down to Sunny Hill and get yourself a cup of soft serve ice cream. Get some nutty toppings on them too. While there are a few places that serves soft serve ice cream, Sunny Hill is probably the oldest. It does bring me down memory lane every time I visit this institution.

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The ice cream itself is like all the other soft serve ice cream in Kuching, yummy. You can ask for a nutty topping on top of it that taste a bit salty, which does help accentuate the taste of the sweet ice cream. Every bite you take will just help melt your stress away, bringing you to your happy place. Mmmmmm….


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  1. hmmm… Happy Place… THE happy place??
    I see that you really needed to have R&R, as this is not ask Clarkson as the others.. =)

    Comment by NgeeJee on 21 August 2011 at 8:12 am