A Winning Ritual

Ang Cheng Ho Top One Food Court Sarawak Laksa

Top One Food Court Sarawak Laksa

So the Webb Ellis Trophy belongs to New Zealand for the next four years. Congratulations. At least England didn’t win it and the cup stays in the southern hemisphere. I must say that France did play well and could have nicked it but it wasn’t to be. I’m pretty sure a lot of All Blacks supporters were on the edge of their seats praying for the game to end.

But what was interesting was the beginning of the game before even the first kick. This being an All Blacks game, the haka was performed (I still prefer Ka Mate rather than Kapa o Pango) and this was when a new (hopefully) ritual was created, the French response. The French formed a flying V formation  and marched forwards to the All Blacks whilst the Abs were doing their hakka. The V was supposedly for Victory and it almost did just that for the French team.

Weddings too have their own special rituals. Since I have the luxury of being good friends with an actual day wedding photographer, I have seen many of the trials and tribulations a groom and his party have to go through. The bride’s “sisters” are the people in charge of setting up the series of challenges but maybe due to a lack of a psychopath or a sadist, the tasks are more Homer Simpson than Homer’s Odyssey. And one of these tasks would inevitably be involving food.

It would either be eating something extremely bitter (bittergourd), extremely sour (lemons), extremely hot (wasabi) or a combination of them. The most disgusting one I’ve seen is a brownish looking paste served/smeared on a diaper. I guessed that would look worse than it taste. There are of course many failures like serving durians to a bunch of foreigners who happen to love eating them and serving raw eggs to a body builder.

Of course, rituals are not limited to world cup finals or special occasions. There are other more mundane rituals, like the one my father has, his weekly laksa. The only reason why this ritual came about was because of his high cholesterol level. So under his doctor’s orders, he had to reduce his intake of all things bad for you which happened to taste really good and this included his favourite, laksa. Because of this, he hardly takes any chances with his bowl of laksa. He hardly ever tries new laksa places. It is just too big of a risk to take. So he sticks to a few of his favourites.

One of them, also happens to be one of my favourites too. As a matter of fact, it was my father who introduced me to this laksa stall. Located in the kopi tiam called Top One Food Court, next to the 100% store off Ang Cheng Ho Road, this laksa stall has been around for a long time. It started off in a corner shop kopi tiam a bit up the road, but apparently a squabble with the kopi tiam owner forced them to move to this current location.

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Why do I consider this my favourite laksa? For starters, the gravy is just right. It is not too thick nor is it too thin. It has just the right amount of santan to make it rich but not overbearing. The spiciness of the gravy is just perfect, it plays a melody on your tongue without blowing it off the Scoville scale. It is the Goldilocks of laksa gravy.

Goldilocks Lingerie

Goldilocks will make your mouth water.

It doesn’t end there of course. Another lovely thing about this place is the chicken meat. They use whole chicken and not shredded chicken. You get nice chunks of chook and if you ask nicely you can get drumstick meat (which is how a friend of mine likes it). The prawns are also decently sized but you won’t find the extra large tiger prawns here. However they are fresh and taste wonderful.

I could say more but the best way for you to find out is to try it. Hopefully you will agree with me and start a new ritual, eating two bowls of this spectacular laksa in one go. Doctors please pretend I didn’t write that.


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