Rugby World Cup 2011

Secret Recipe Cornish Pasties

Secret Recipe Cornish Pasty

The 2011 Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand is the seventh edition of the Rugby World Cup. The schedule of games starts from the 9th of September with the final on the 23rd of October.  For 28 matches, 20 Nations and 30 men on the field battle it out to lay claim to the Webb Ellis Trophy. There is an old British saying that goes “Football is the gentleman’s game played by ruffians and that rugby is the ruffian’s game played by gentlemen”. While both sports have transcended both geographical and social barriers, Rugby is definitely still a ruffian’s game. Just turn on your Astro and watch the bone breaking tackles to see what I mean.

In spite of, or maybe even because of, the violence, Rugby is a very popular sport. While still lagging behind certain other forms of football, it has made an impact in countries like Canada, Argentina, Russia and even Japan. There is even a Rugby club in Kuching. You can watch them play on Saturday afternoons while having munching on some char kueh and drinking sugar cane at Song Kheng Hai. But at the traditional rugby playing areas, the support is fanatical.

One of these places is the host nation this time around. In New Zealand, they live and breathe rugby.  Even my Kuching friends whom went over to study are still mad about the sport. Maybe this will be the year for New Zealand to bring back the trophy they haven’t won since the first edition of the Rugby World Cup.

Another rugby mad area is in Cornwall. Rugby Union is so popular here that it is tied to the notion of Cornishness. They are so fanatical that when Cornwall faced Yorkshire in 1991, 40,000 supporters travelled to Twickenham to watch their team in the finals. That’s 10% of their population mind you. And they have produced a number of good players as well including Phil Vickery and Trevor Woodman, World Cup winners with England in 2003.

So it isn’t strange to see that they are also represented in this World Cup. Not by a player but by their famous baked good, the Cornish pasty. If you don’t know what is a pasty, think of it as a giant sized curry puff and substitute the curry with something a bit less spicy. It also looks like a rugby ball. And like Rugby, Cornish pasties is a well exported product from the British Isles. As a matter of fact, you can even find it in Kuching!

Yes the Cornish pasties can be found at Secret Recipe. They serve the pasty alone or as part of a light lunch, with chips and a salad. Technically, they cannot call it a Cornish pasty as that has a Protected Geographical Indication status but since this is only applicable in Europe, we will let this slide.

The filling in this version is also different from the original. Instead of beef it is chicken and I doubt there is any swede in this. I have not eaten one of these in Cornwall so again I have no way to confirm the authenticity of this dish. However, don’t let this stop you from trying this pasty as the taste is quite nice. The pastry is spot on as you would expect from a baked goods franchise like Secret Recipe.

So if it is an authentic Cornish pasty is what you are after, buy an Air Asia X ticket. If you are after a nice savory filled pastry, Secret Recipe’s Cornish Pasty will definitely satiate your appetite.


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