Happy Depaloween

Sister Cafe Curry Rice

Sister Cafe Curry Rice

Two holidays have passed from my last post. So here is a Happy Deepavali to all who celebrate and a Happy Halloween to all those going for a fancy dress party. Let’s start with Halloween first. Also known as All Hallow’s Eve. It is suppose to be the last when souls of the departed get to have their revenge before All Saints Day when they would move to the next world. To fool the souls, people would wear masques and costumes and this became the tradition of trick-o-treating that we are all familiar with. Kids would go around to different houses to get candy. Too bad it is not celebrated here.

And like any good holiday, decorations were needed. You can make your house/office/shop as scary as a Wes Craven movie. You can see it happening here already. I was at Station One in the Hills last Friday and they had the place all decorated! Nice and spooky. Cute spooky. Like this.

The lights in that house leads me to the Festival of Lights. Deepavali or Diwali is the most significant festival for Hindus and unfortunately it is not a Public Holiday here in Sarawak, mainly because there isn’t a lot of Hindus here. But I am fortunate enough to have a close Indian friend and I always get to eat his curry celebrate with him this joyous occasion. Of course the curry is good too. In fact it is a very delicious, mouth watering, dopamine releasing, orgasm inducing lamb curry. There were also plenty of other tidbits like muruku, laddoo and other nice cakes and confectionaries.

All this takes time and effort of course, so I will let the Indians enjoy their festivities and talk about Chinese curry instead. And not the normal curry here either. We are talking curry rice here. The special kind.

This is another one of our weird Kuching Division creation I believe. I have not seen it outside of Sarawak. For those of you who have not had it, it is basically chicken rice (with plain rice) served with some steamed chicken, two types of pork, some vegetables and a fried egg sunny side up. All of which is flooded in a special curry sauce.

The best place to have this in my opinion is the stall at the old Sister Café which is now known as the 96 Kopitiam. This is just opposite Regal Hotel. If you don’t know where that is, do you know where Silver Star Nightclub is? If you do, have you been a naughty boy? If you don’t, see below.

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The dish itself is very interesting. You have the nice steam chicken which taste great  with curry sauce and then you have the pork which has a ‘loh’ bak type and one with a sweet and sour vibe. That also taste wonderful, in fact is my favourite bit of the dish. The vegetables, usually some lettuce, taste good too but in the scheme of things is just a façade to give it a minute feeling of being healthy. Then there is the sunny side up fried egg. A simple touch that adds another dimension to the flavor of the dish.

If you think about it, without the pork or the fried egg or the curry sauce, this would be a very normal chicken rice with a bunch of rabbit food on the side. But by adding the pork, the fried egg and the curry sauce, it has donned on its costume to become something special. Kind of like Peter Parker wearing his spidey suit to become Spiderman. How’s that for a Halloween costume?


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