The Sick Noodle

Chopstick Heng Hwa Noodle

Chopstick Heng Hwa Noodle

I just came back from a holiday trip in Kota Kinabalu. I spent some time in the islands, on the Mountain and with some friends. KK is one heck of a tourist destination. If you can’t enjoy KK, then you must be one bored person in Kuching. But as with all holiday trips, I overindulged. As a matter of fact, I think overindulge might be an understatement. Along with the fair bit of physical exertion, that I must admit is more than what I did here in six months, have caused me to be a bit under the weather.

I am definitely not running at a 100%. And now I am beginning to feel:

  • Fever and extreme coldness (chills shivering, shaking (rigor))
  • Cough
  • Nasal congestion
  • Body aches, especially joints and throat
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Irritated, watering eyes
  • Reddened eyes, skin (especially face), mouth, throat and nose

In case you didn’t know, those are the symptoms of Influenza. The flu. Hopefully it is just a normal cold and will just go away quickly. I guess the most annoying thing for me is the cough and sore throat. For one thing, the medicine I am normally given for it is extremely drowsy. I would end up sleeping night and day, waking up feeling as groggy as a boxer that had been knock out by Mike Tyson in his prime.

Then there is the extremely limited choice of food. The Chinese has always believed that certain foods are heaty or are cold and that you should avoid certain food when you are not well. I do subscribe to this teaching and hence my dilemma. When you are down with the flu or cold, you are pretty much limited to porridge or some sort of noodle soup. Even after you are better, you should still avoid most heaty food. I enjoy my porridge but since it is the staple diet during the toughest period of the sickness, I tend to get bored of it by then.

This leaves noodle soup. While normal mee or kueh tiaw soup is fine, there is one particular type of noodle that I eat when I am recovering from an illness. This is the Heng Hwa Pak Mee. It is a simple noodle soup with a good clear broth and a bunch of ingredients like seaweed, egg, veggies, chicken, prawn and peanuts. All good for a sore throat, except the peanuts.

There is one in Chopstick in Pending. This is the de facto one that I go to and since I do look for it when I am starting to feel a sore throat coming on, I call it the Sick Noodle.

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To me, it is like the western chicken soup because everytime I have it, my body just feels better for that short while I am eating it.  Maybe it is the broth. Maybe it is just something different after a few days of the same thing. Maybe it is because it tastes lovely while not causing my throat to feel like it is in an Iron Maiden unlike a good bowl of beef noodle or fried kueh tiaw.

In case you are wondering, I do eat it when I am not sick as well because it still taste great when I am not sick. Hopefully if I do have this coming few days, it would not be because I am sick.


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  1. chris,

    enjoyed reading ur blog…must ask ur advice next time im in town abt where to eat…might also take u up on that offer of that western place at hui sing that i asked u abt sometime back…



    Comment by erni on 1 July 2011 at 11:53 am

  2. thanks Erni! Call me when you do come back to Kch!

    Comment by tummyadmin on 7 July 2011 at 3:53 pm