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Sin Shing Green Road Kolo Mee

Sin Shing - Green Road Kolo Mee

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (read: last Tuesday in a corolla), I was in a car with a friend of mine when our conversation turned to the star wars series. The original trilogy garnered a huge following only rivaled by Star Trek and their zealot-like Trekkies. You would still gets whole web sites dedicated to arguing over which of the two series would win if they went toe to toe. Both series have conventions where fans indulge in cosplay. Hey fans dressing up as Princess Leia? How bad can that be?


I couldn't be more wrong

Then George Lucas decided to make another trilogy. The fans of the series were more than delighted. Think of what could be done with a bigger budget and better SFX. The new trilogy was heavily anticipated. Heck, there’s even a movie about a bunch of Star Wars Fanboys breaking in to Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch to watch what is now known as Episode I:  The Phantom Menace. To put it bluntly, Episode I is the worst of the six movies.

So now you have the new trilogy (Episode I – III) and the old trilogy (IV – VI). The new trilogy has its plus points, the eye candies are better, and erm.. erm..  you get the point. The old trilogy with a better plot, a major twist and better characters (Hans Solo vs. Jar Jar Binks) still rules the hearts of the fans.

Like Star Wars, kolo mee also has its own new vs. old issue. Back in the days of the Star Wars old trilogy, kolo mee was a ringgit and had a slightly different taste. Some say it is because of the pork oil, some say it is because of the shallots but one thing for sure, most kolo mee stalls nowadays made it with a different taste, a newer taste but slightly inferior to the old taste.

When I first heard of this theory, I was slightly surprised but a voice inside my head kept on telling me that it might be true.  More and more people were telling me the same thing, one of whom was a kolo mee seller himself! He admitted that he couldn’t get his kolo mee to taste of the old taste. But he did point me to a kolo mee stall which still made the old style kolo mee.

The stall he mentioned is located in coffee shop called Sin Shing in Green Road (see map below). This is the corner shop and not the more famous one in the middle. The shop itself looks and feels old with no other food choice except for the kolo mee stall.

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The kolo mee itself looked pretty normal with a few pieces of char siew and no vegetable. The only thing that stood out was the generous serving of deep fried shallot. But as soon as I had my first taste, I understood what they were all talking about. It transported me back to my childhood days eating my favourite kolo mee from Jin Ming Café. Is it the shallots that made the difference? Or is there some other secret ingredient that made it so good? I don’t know and at that moment I didn’t care.

Of course there are problems with this kolo mee. Chief of which is the amount of oil in the dish. Maybe it is this that makes it so damn awesome. Maybe it isn’t. But what I am absolutely sure is that this amount of oil going into your body is going to be like Darth Vader slowly choking your arteries with his Force.

I also do feel that the amount of MSG in it is on the high side, judging by my thirst level after one bowl. Another thing that I should bring up is the cleanliness of the place. The shop itself is fine for such an old place but the stall is definitely on the extreme end of messiness. But none of this would stop me from going back to this place for a bowl of kolo mee. Hey and if you are bored of mee you can always have their equally delicious kolo kueh tiaw.

This place is also great if you are out all night and need a place for a quick breakfast before running off to bed since they open from 4am (except on Sundays). Going there after 9 is going to be a gamble as they are known to run out of noodles by then. The last thing you want is to find they have nothing left when you reach there.  You might end up like this.

And did I tell you a bowl of kolo mee here only cost RM2.40? This just goes to show that like the Star Wars old trilogy; this place goes to show that older is sometimes better.


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  1. I just spoke to a colleague of mine about this old vs new kolo mee theory; she said she is sort of aware there’s such! Old kolo mee is more salty while new kolo mee is more sweet.

    I think I need to make a trip to this place soon.

    Comment by Ah_Mike on 19 May 2011 at 9:57 am