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Fu Shin Kwang Zhuge Yen Curry Noodles

Fu Shin Kwang Zhuge Yen Curry Noodle

Advertisements have become an art form and a form of entertainment. Proof of this lies in the fact that shows like World’s Funniest Commercials and Funniest Commercials of the Year exists. There is even a few websites (here’s one) dedicated to showing commercials! Ok.. they aren’t the most engaging tv shows but neither is most crap on tv nowadays. Heck! Did you know that there is an Emmy for Outstanding Commercials? I didn’t. Not until I did my research for this article

And the nominees are

And the winner is …. To be announced later.

Of course for every good ad there is at least 10 bad ones. But some would say bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. In a sense that is true. I would rather have an ad that was horrid but lodged itself firmly in people’s psyche than one that was awesome but fails to deliver the message through. An example of this would be the Energizer Bunny. Which came first? The Energizer Bunny or the Duracell Bunny? Yeap it is the Duracell Bunny. While the ad itself is good and poked fun at a previous Duracell Bunny commercial, it causes consumer confusion. As a matter of fact, 40% of consumers thought they were promoting Duracell initially!

The moral of the story is commercial like any other forms of advertising or marketing material, communication is key. If you can’t deliver your message to the target audience, you have failed. There are way too many students and fresh designers that try to be an artist. They try to be unique, original and not to follow or even innovate on other people’s work, which is all well and good except that they forget that design needs to be functional, either as an agent of persuasion or as a usable tool. Take a look at this menu for example.

The Menu

If it were to be a good design, it has to look good enough, which it does and must be able to achieve its function as well. In this case, it serves two purpose, one is to inform its audience of the items available (functioning as a menu) and the other is a form of advertisement, ie. To catch the eye of potential patrons. Does it achieve this? My opinion is yes although since the name of the dishes are in Chinese, it isn’t banana friendly, but then it has nice photos and a picture is worth a thousand words.

The menu was done as a favour by my colleague for a mutual friend of ours. This mutual friend, who likes to call himself Zhuge Yen , long lost progeny of Zhuge Liang perhaps or is it more literal like Pig Brother Yen, operates a kolo mee stall at Fu Shin Kwang in the Satok area.  This was a special menu for his newer items including today’s food review, the curry noodle.

View larger map

The first thing you should note is that the Curry Noodle is not available every day. It is only available on Mondays and Thursdays. This is not an attempt at artificial scarcity like how the De Beers is doing with diamonds. It is because the Economy Rice stall at Fu Shin Kwang is the one providing the curry and they only cook it on Mondays and Thursdays. Oh yeah, they probably won’t have it during Public Holidays as well.

The dish itself is a modified bowl of kolo mee without the mince or the char siew drenched in curry gravy and served with a few pieces of chicken and potatoes. The curry itself is nice and a little bit spicy but nothing over the to. If you do want more kick, ask for the cili padi. In most other places, curry noodles are served with the big yellow noodles. While they are nice, the noodles will not absorb much of the gravy. With kolo mee noodles, they will. However this means you need to eat it faster as dilly dallying will make your noodles a little to soggy for most palates.

As you can tell from the menu, he also does Pork Leg Noodles but I’ll leave that for another day. Just in case you are wondering, it is nice as well. I’ve also ask him to make some custom order kolo mees as well. You could if you go on the two days stated earlier to ask him to make a normal bowl of kolo mee but add the curry gravy to it. Yummy.

Kolo Mee with Curry Gravy

So if you can get yourself down to Satok area on a Monday and/or Thursday, and it isn’t a public holiday, you can grab yourself a bowl of curry noodles.

And before I forget, the winner of the Emmy for Best Commercial was Born Of Fire – Chrysler 200. The Old Spice Guy should have won it.

This Dish review has been brought to you by the following Malaysian Ads from the 70s and 80s.

Ps. Zhuge Yen has yet to print the menu at the time of publication. So you won’t see the nice menu there.


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