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Palm Road Spring Café Laksa

Palm Road Spring Cafe Laksa

Welcome to the Let me start off first by introducing this site. is a personal site about food since I love food. Since a substantial part of this site is about this site is about food review, let me give you my disclaimer first. First of all, the views and opinions expressed here are mine alone and not those of people, institutions and organizations that I may or may not be related to unless stated explicitly.

I am doing this site because I love to eat and I eat out often, so I would like to share my opinions of the various cuisines in Kuching and hopefully people will discover something new and tasty from me. I do not get paid for my review and will never seek or accept compensation directly from the places I review. I may in the future accept paid advertisements on this site. Even when I do, I promise that my reviews will never be influenced by them.

I am not a professional cook nor have I been trained in the culinary arts. There are many things that I have not tried (kobe beef, truffles, a dinner at El Bulli are a few example) and there are things that I will not try (I am not the fat guy on TLC) but what I promise to do is to give you honest opinions even if this happens.

If a dish tastes like putrid toe jam I will tell you it tastes like putrid toe jam. Hopefully this would stop you from ordering said toe jam. If it does stop one of you from visiting the depths of food hell, I know I have gotten enough points to receive my wings to food critic’s heaven. However, tastes are a personal thing so maybe just maybe there is a guy out there that has a fetish for eating toe jam. For that one (hopefully) person, here is my apology in advance and enjoy your toe jam.

Let’s get started, and I think it is only proper to have my first post to be about laksa, Sarawak Laksa to be exact. This is a Kuching food blog after all.

This laksa stall is located at Spring Café on Palm road. It is next door to the famous Sister Café (the old one not the new one). If you still don’t know where it is, it is near to Silver Star. If you do know where that is, you must be a guy. For the more alim ones, the map is below.

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This Laksa stall has always divided the opinions of all who have eaten it. The reason for this is not because of the gravy but because of the choice of bee hoon that they use. Most Laksa stalls serves the generic bee hoon that we are all used to but here the owners are using a much finer, almost angel hair like, type of bee hoon. This bee hoon does soak up more of the tasty gravy but in doing so changes the texture of the dish. Those who prefer a more al dente feel to their bee hoon would be disappointed.

The rest of the Laksa is definitely up there with the best. The gravy itself is thick but not doused in coconut milk. You can taste the all the spices in it unlike some others that you can only taste the chilli heat or the overpowering taste of santan. The prawns are fresh and of a decent size if you order the large.

At a price of RM3.50 for a regular and RM4.50 for a large, this Laksa is economical too. Do come earlier as they do finish quite early especially on the weekends.

If you are still not convince because of the bee hoon, you can always take it with noodles instead. Although not my favourite choice here, it is still nice. Or you could always have it ying yong. The mixture of the thin bee hoon and the more bitey texture of the noodles is an awesome combination.  I do believe that this is in the top three Laksa joints in Kuching. However, as with all things in this blog, your milage may vary but don’t let that stop you from trying.




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