Double Happiness

BCCK Chinese New Year Buffet

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. On Monday, the Water Dragon will rear its hopefully auspicious head to the sound and lights of the supposedly illegal firecrackers. There will be food and snacks galore,  people showing off their new clothes, lots of ngabang (visiting) and the occasional Lion Dance.

Of course, this is also the time for shaking hands and sending New Year greetings. The standard “Happy New Year” and “Gong Xi Fatt Chai” is acceptable but obviously we can do better.  Here are some others you can try:

  1. Horse Arrive Work Done (马到工成)
  2. Step Step High Rise (步步高升)
  3. Year Year Got Fish  (年年有余)
  4. One Road Smooth Wind  (一路顺风)
  5. Dragon Horse Sperm God  (龙马精神)

This is not Mindef’s new official CNY greetings, but it did make the rounds in the forwarded SMS greetings. I do believe the original list came from the Business Times way back in 2003 but alas I have no link or citation to give. Anyway, to wish you, my readers, a Happy Chinese New Year, here is a list of new literal word by word greetings that will make Google translate users proud.

  1. Fiscal Source Roll Roll (財源滾滾)
  2. Blessing Star High Photo (福星高照)
  3. Year Year Level Safe (歲歲平安)
  4. Six Six Large Along (六六大順)
  5. Blessing Gas Full Hall (福氣滿堂)

Aren’t Chinese idioms a treat? Just a disclaimer, I had to split the characters to individual lines in order to get the translation above. Google Translate might not be perfect but it gets somethings correct including “pakaian yang menjolok mata”.  Back to idioms. Here is another good Chinese idiom,  Good Things Become Two (好事成双) .

Unlike the others, this particular idiom is not meant for CNY. Not unless your friend is pregnant and due on CNY since the meaning is that good things comes in pairs. Another example would be the second food tasting at BCCK the day after the events from my last post. This time it was for BCCK’s Chinese New Year Buffet at the Raintree Restaurant.

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The buffet is available from Chinese New Year eve to the 6th of February for a value for money price of RM68. Each week has its own variation in their menu running for a total of 3 cycles. For your information, I have been told that the place is already fully booked on the Chinese New Year Eve and luckily for me, my family had already made the booking for our reunion dinner.

Anyway, like the tasting before, this was just a sample of their menu. Unlike their set menu, they have over 30 types of authentic and fusion Chinese cuisine (the set menu had like 8). So obviously we didn’t get to sample everything. Just a small fraction.

The first dish we had was the same one that I had the night before. The Yee Sang! Again, this was good albeit messy fun. And like before, the dish itself tasted fine but taste is definitely not the point of the whole exercise.

The second dish is the Chinese Popiah. This dish is actually part of the second cycle and is only available from the 28th of January to the 1st of February. Which is a shame for me since I am eating there this Sunday. This is because this is one nice dish especially considering I am not a fan of popiahs in the first place. What makes the dish is the sauce that goes with it. The chef added in a special ingredient to his sweet sauce for it that is very unique, belacan. The extra kick and taste the belacan imparts to the sauce definitely gives this dish a wow factor.

The next dish served to us was the Szechuan Hot and Sour Seafood Soup. I love my hot and sour soup and have made my own successfully before. So I was quite curious to find out how BCCK’s version tasted. I was not disappointed. It was great! While the chef did not use Szechuan pepper, he did use a Szechuan paste which probably contains the pepper as well. The result is that you get a nice characteristic “mala” numbing feeling to your lips like those from a good mapo tofu. Again, this dish is only available during the second cycle.

For the main course, we were served 4 different dishes in bite sized servings. The four dishes was the Baked Snapper Fish with a lemon butter sauce, the steamed chicken with dried golden mushroom, the home made beancurd and minced chicken and the braised three mushroom with garden green vegetables.

The baked snapper is the first western dish that we were served that night and was a tasty treat. The lemon butter sauce seems to be perfect with the fish. The home made beancurd was made with squid, which is another interesting variation done by the chef. The beancurd was nice but was definitely outshined by the rest of the dishes. The braised three mushrooms (shitake, abalone and bailing) was another nice dish. I especially liked the taste of the abalone mushroom in this dish. The taste and texture was perfect. But my choice of the four would be the chicken with golden mushroom. I loved the saltiness of the dried golden mushroom with the beautifully cooked chicken. Overall, every dish was definitely good and since this is a buffet, you can really pig out and eat it all, unfortunately all the dishes above came from cycle 2!

And finally we were served desert and like the mains we were served a sampling of what they had to offer. On our plates were fruits, 2 French pastry and a Deep fried Nian Gau. The fruits were nicely presented fresh fruit. What else do you want me to say? So let me move on to the French pastry. We were served a Blackforest cake and a cheese cake. Both cakes were good but this was expected as I have sampled the Pastry Chef’s work before.

But the obvious star of this plate was the Deep fried Nian Gao. Nian Gau or New Year Cake is the traditional sweet snack for this time of year.  As someone mentioned during the dinner, the Nian Gao is offered to the Kitchen God so that his mouth will be sticky so he can’t talk bad about you to the God of all Gods.

The nian gau at BCCK is freshly made in their kitchen and it shows. Unlike most of the ones available for retail, the ones here is not so sweet, which is nice. The nian gou is deep fried sandwiched with a piece of sweet potato, which is quite normal here in Malaysia, and then served with a nice white sauce. The Chef was quite proud of his creation and I agree. He should be proud of it.

So there you have it folks. Two nights eating delicious food at BCCK. That to me is good things become two. Remember if you want to book a place for this buffet, call 082-392988.

Lastly, have an enjoyable and fun Chinese New Year. May  you have a fortune filled, healthy and happy Year of the Dragon. Tahun Tahun Ada Ikan. Naga Kuda Sperma Tuhan. Langkah Langkah Tinggi Naik. Satu Jalan Licin Angin. Enam Enam Besar Bersama!


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