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BCCK Prosperity Chinese New Year Set

BCCK Prosperity CNY Set Menu

Us Chinese are a pretty superstitious lot. Don’t believe me? Try checking out the number of Chinese weddings during the Chinese 7th Lunar month. Compare that to the number of Chinese weddings during the Chinese 8th Lunar month.  One you would probably need to book at least a year in advance. The other you could probably do it with a week’s notice.  This is because most Chinese couples make sure to marry on a calendar checked mystic confirmed elder approved auspicious date and the 7th month, the hungry ghost month is never in the auspicious list.

This of course extends to other things as well. Car plate and phone numbers as well. I have an ex boss whose family always get car plates with the number 2899. Numbers with lots of 8s in it are also very much appreciated while those with 4 are looked upon with disdain. At least with telephone numbers, the nice numbers are easier to remember and hence very good for those doing sales. After all, who can forget the number 0188888888.

Then there is Feng Shui. This Chinese geomancy is used to orient buildings so that it gets the most auspicious energy. Some of the ideas are very logical, such as never let your back face the door in your office. Why let your bosses see that you are on Facebook rather than doing actual work? There is a quote from the book JPod: A Novel by Douglas Coupland, where one of the Chinese character says “Feng Shui’s one of those mumbo jumbo Chinese things people expect Chinese people to get all serious about. It’s total crap, but I use it all the time to haggle for lower prices.”

Of course I am not saying that the belief that a date, a number or a direction will lead to wealth and fortune is an erroneous one. As a matter of fact, I’d give it a go! If it does work as advertised, great! If it doesn’t, no harm no foul (disclaimer: obviously if there is a chance that other people will get hurt in the process, you shouldn’t do it. Karma is a bitch and will bite you in the backside when you least expect it).  At the very least, it can act as a placebo and put you in the right state of mind to go for your goals. Who knows, the placebo effect might just kick in.

There is a nicer way to get an added boost to future fortune and that is Yee Sang or the prosperity toss! Just make sure you toss as high as you can as the height of the toss correlates with the growth of your fortune.  So where can you get yee sang?

Ok. So you don’t want a pre-packaged off the conveyor belt Yee Sang. You can still have it at BCCK, at their Prosperity Chinese New Year Set Menu, available from the 9th January till the 6th of February 2012! The prices are starting at RM788++ to RM988++ per table with 8 courses being served. This includes the Sashimi Salmon Yee Sang!

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A group of bloggers (including this fat tummy) are again fortunate enough to be invited to a food tasting of a 5 course menu based on the RM788++ set. Of course we started off with the Yee Sang. The dish itself is a great experience. But the mind blowing experience comes from the actual prosperity toss rather than the taste of the dish. See for yourself!

As you can see from the ending, it is very messy. But to get the max prosperity out of it, you gotta toss it high up, so a good toss will always end up a bloody mess. Like I said before the taste is not the main feature of yee sang, however this does not mean it isn’t nice, it is, although those that are not used to eating raw salmon might want to leave the raw fish to others and concentrate on the condiments.

Anyway, on to the other dishes, first my personal favourite dish of the night, the Braised Sea Bass with Preserved “Tong Chai”And Garlic. The fish is very fresh and the meat is not fishy at all. It is nicely fried giving it a bit of a crunch especially around the skin and the flesh is perfectly cooked giving this dish an awesome texture. The tong chai (preserved Chinese cabbage) can be on the salty side and would be better if it is served on rice, however this does not detract from the overall tastiness of the fish.  Besides, saltiness I can handle.

The Eight Treasure Dried Seafood with Fish Lips is nice alternative to the standard shark fin soup. They are very generous with the fish lips. I had at least a small piece of fish lips for every spoon that entered my mouth. It tastes like what you would expect a good Chinese soup to taste like. It isn’t very unique but definitely a dish that we all expect to have at a Chinese dinner.

Then there is the Stir Fried Sea Prawn with Oriental Sauce, which sadly is the disappointment of the night. I really wanted to love this dish. However the sauce doesn’t really permeate the flesh of the prawns. Eating the prawns with the shell helps to imbue the taste of the sauce but at the price of getting prawn shells scraping down your throat. De-shelling the crustacean is an option but then you would be left with some normal tasting prawns. Maybe I should have smeared some of the Oriental Sauce on the de-shelled prawns. Oh well. On the plus point, the prawns were fresh.

Lastly, we had the Steamed Village Chicken with Red Dates and Chestnut. This is a posher version of the herbal chicken. The chicken is cooked to perfection, with the meat falling off the bone easily. The sauce/gravy/soup is also very good, making this my second favourite dish of the night.

The rest of the RM788++ menu that we didn’t get to sample includes, Braised Top Shell with Duo Mushroom in Abalone Sauce, Fragrant Rice with Assorted Seafood and Bread crumbs and the desert, Red Bean Pure with Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb. If these dishes are as good as the rest of the dishes, it would make this dinner pretty enjoyable.

Previously, I didn’t really think of BCCK as a place to enjoy Chinese cooking. Ramadhan buffet, yes. Awesome western cuisine, yes. But not Chinese. I’m glad to say BCCK has surprised me once more. They’ve definitely delivered some high class Chinese cuisine with their Prosperity CNY Sets. So bosses, why don’t you have your company CNY lunch or dinner here? The Yee Sang might bring in an abundance of fortune to your company. Even if it doesn’t, your staff would definitely be happier!


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  1. nice food … it’s fun tossing the yee sang.. haha

    Comment by Pazuzu on 15 January 2012 at 1:57 pm

  2. Love the video!! Didnt know you were shooting!

    Comment by Cyril Dason on 20 January 2012 at 12:07 am

  3. Thanks bro! I was pressing with one hand and tossing with another!

    Comment by tummyadmin on 20 January 2012 at 12:28 am

  4. Thanks man! Loved your photos!

    Comment by tummyadmin on 20 January 2012 at 12:28 am