Congratulations to our hero Pandelela

Congratulations to Pandelela Rinong Pamg on her bronze medal at the London Olympic Games 2012. Since becoming the first Malaysian female flag bearer at the opening, she has since added an Olympic Bronze to her ever extending list of honours.

She is also the first female Malaysian medal winner, first Malaysian to win a medal outside badminton, first Sarawakian Olympic medal winner, first Bidayuh medal winner and plenty other firsts as well.

With a final score of 359.20, Pandelela was able to secure the bronze. As a matter of fact, if her 1st and 3rd dives were better, she would have easily clinched silver and might have given a tougher fight to the eventual gold medallist, China’s Chen Roulin. But c’est la vie, it is still a tremendous achievement and shows us that we Sarawakians are able to compete with the best of the world and be able to hold our heads high.

In case you missed it, you can watch it here on youtube. You might have to click on the watch on youtube button.

Pandelela’s achievement should inspire us all to aim higher (yes, I am a Thomian) in our lives. We should aim to be able to compete with the big boys and not only be the big fish in a small pond. Even our food industry can learn a thing or two. Our local cuisine, especially the dayak cuisine should be promoted more. Hopefully more people would open Dayak restaurants, maybe one day we would be able to find it outside of our state.

So here’s to Pandelela, our hero, our inspiration.


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