Sitcoms are the best

Fullhouse Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel

I have always been a fan of the situational comedy. Ever since I was young, I was always following one sitcom series or another. It didn’t matter if it was an American or British series, I’ve watched a ton of them. From I love Lucy to the latest episode of How I met your Mother. After watching that many, I’ve noticed that they tend to have around 5 basic premises to it.


1. Family

This is by far the most common genre. From the perfect families of The Cosby Show, Home Improvement and Full House to the dysfunctional families in Married … With Children, Arrested Development  and Malcom in the Middle, we fell in love with the families and tuned in every week as a result. One of the side effects of this genre is the number of child stars they produced, most of whom we saw grow up on our tv screen.


2. Workplace / School

Another familiar scenario is where the sitcoms that get set in a place of work or schooling. You have Cheers set in the bar, Scrubs set in the hospital, Saved by the bell in high school, Community is in college and who can forget M*A*S*H set in the field hospital in Vietnam. There is even a series in Britain called Yes, Minister, which is about a senior politician and his aides. The follow up series to that, actually made the Minister into a Prime Minister aptly titled Yes, Prime Minister.


3. Friends

Comedies based around a group of friends are also pretty common place, the most famous of which is Friends! The Big Bang Theory, That 70’s Show, How I Met Your Mother, Three’s Company all followed the same formula.


4. Odd Couple / Situation

Another category of sitcoms is the odd couple/situation types. Either put the protagonist with someone who is a total (sometimes quirky) opposite or put the character in an absolutely weird situation. Shows like Perfect Strangers, The Honeymooners, Mork and Mindy and I love Jeannie are the former while shows like Gilligan’s Island, My name is Earl, The Beverly Hillbillies are of the latter category.


5. Animated

The last category is the animated sitcoms. Animated sitcoms had an added advantage of the characters never aging, audiences are more ready to suspend their disbelief and continuity is not a big issue.  The early animated sitcoms were the Flintstones and the Jetsons, but they were and still are considered children’s shows. Nowadays, with The Simpsons, Futurama, The Family Guy and South Park, animated sitcoms are no longer the domain of children.


Obviously, some sitcoms fit into more than one category but any sitcom should fit nicely into one of them. Take Full House (1987-1995), for example, in essence this is a Family Comedy. You have the Tanners, the Father, Danny and the daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. When Danny’s wife and the girl’s mother passed away, they are joined by Danny’s best friend Joey Gladstone and his brother in law Jesse Katsapolis. All three men staying together, helping to raise the three girls gives this show the odd situation scenario.

Speaking of Fullhouse, its namesake, Fullhouse store and cafe chain has been operating in Kuching since November at the Hills Shopping Mall. The restaurant has an interesting concept, the whole restaurant is designed as a white themed Victorian house with a romantic French-design accents. They also have clothing, fashion accessories, gifts and decorative items for sale in the store.

The cafe itself serves a wide range of Italian, Japanese and Chinese fusion cuisine. Normally, I am quite wary of places advertising themselves as fusion cooking. I usually get disappointed when the menu ends up with a western and eastern section. But this is not the case here.

Here I ordered the Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel, a chicken fillet stuffed with mushrooms, sautéed daikon and Chinese herb juice (wolfberries to be exact). The properly styled and nicely plated dish does go well with the decor and does give a whiff of fine dining. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the herb juice sauce worked like a charm.  It does taste of Asia and works well with the chicken.

The chicken itself is nicely cooked and the shitake mushroom increases the Asian flavours a step further. The daikon was slightly disappointing because it was on the plain side. The mash potato was a nice touch and helps highlight the fact that this is still a western style dish. And at RM22.90, the dish is also decently priced.  Overall this dish is a true fusion of western cooking techniques with very strong Asian flavours and ingredients. Definitely a must try.


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