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Java Juice Beef Salad

Those who know me know that I am not the fittest person in the world. Truth be told, I probably need to lose 25kg which is about the weight of a 7 year old kid or about RM50.00 worth of luggage space on AirAsia. Considering I haven’t been that weight since the first half of my life, it is a tough road to get there. But I should at least be trying, so I have started to jog, something that I used to abhor.

I’ve been jogging on a weekly basis now but at a very slow pace. Some say that this method of running slow but steadily is better for fat burning. Of course, the other school of thought is that heavy intensity training is far better. Training like this video here:

There is also a new way of exercise called the Tabata Interval Training. This exercise is only 4 minutes long. Sounds like a scam? Well it would be the worse 4 minutes of your life. The Tabata method states that you need to do 8 rounds of 20 seconds of ultra intensive exercise followed by a 10 second rest period giving you a total of 4 minutes. And when they say ultra intensive, they mean 170% of VO2max. This means you should feel like puking at the end of 4 minutes.

Eating a proper diet is also an important part in losing weight of course. This is very difficult for a food lover like me especially when you want to eat out. Let’s face it folks, our Malaysian hawker food is not the most healthy diet around. So when I found out Java Juice has a weight watchers menu, I was quite delighted. For those of you not in the know, see the map below:

The owner of Java Juice is also the owner of the gym just above it and needless to say he is also a health nut. As a matter of fact, Java Juice currently stocks and sells a large range of health supplements and protein shakes. A large part of Java Juice’s customers are also patrons of the gym above so in order to provide better eating for them, the owner came out with the weight watchers menu. This also means there are plenty of beef cakes for girls to ogle at!

Speaking of beef cakes, one of the items in that menu is the beef salad. This is a 0 carb, low fat, high protein dish. There are no fries or mash or bread in this dish. You are served a very simple salad, with just lettuce and some thousand island sauce. To be honest, they could have made a better salad with a better mix of greens but this would do especially when you consider that this dish is only RM10.

Then there is the protein. A good large patty of pure ground LEAN beef. No fat here. The lack of fat makes the patty dry but it is served with a good dose of brown sauce which helps. Mind you, the meat might be dry but it still has a lot of nice beefy taste and with the sauce makes the whole dish quite delightful.

There is an option for you to take out all sauces and dressings. This would make this dish totally dry and in my opinion hard to swallow. Best leave it to the bodybuilders who eat to live then to us foodies who live to eat. There is another better option of adding a fried egg in there. I would suggest asking for a sunny side up instead of the omelette thing I got.

Food in Kuching - Java Juice Dragon Fruit Juice Jug

PS. You can order a jug of juice here as well for a low price of RM6.80. The dragon fruit juice here is awesome as they don’t add any extra sugar.


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