Oppan Gangnam Style

Koreana Beef Bulgogi


That ladies and gentlemen is the latest sensation to hit from Korea, Psy’s Gangnam Style. It is so popular that various celebrities have been talking about it on various social media channels. Robbie Williams, Simon Pegg, Katy Perry, Josh Groban, T-pain and even Britney Spears have been singing its praises. Nelly Furtado even performed this very song at a concert in Manila.

This is one of those fad songs, like Macarena, the Ketchup Song, Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei) are insanely catchy tunes that latches on to the depths of your subconscious and refuses to let go. Just click on any of the link and see if you would be humming them the whole day. Consider yourself warned!

With such a hot viral song, the inevitable avalanches of parodies are to be expected and boy are they a lot of them.  There are a few from Malaysia too! Malaysia Boleh! So enjoy guys.

Anyways, there are better imports from Korea that Gangnam Sytle. Soju is one of them but another is their cuisine. Here is Kuching, one of the best place to enjoy that is at Koreana at 101 Premier. I’ve started going to Koreana since they were located opposite Hilton some 10 years ago and I’ve always ordered their Beef Bulgogi.

The dish comprises of slices of marinated beef that is grilled and then served with lettuce and thick, spicy Korean paste called ssamjang. You put the slices of the beef on the lettuce, add a bit of the ssamjang and wrap it and down it goes to your belly.

The beef has a nice sweet and salty taste and with the ssamjang you get extra saltiness with a spicy punch as well. The greens add a bit of freshness and texture to the dish. Like Psy’s song, this dish is also quite addictive. You would find yourself wrapping more and more of these delicious morsels.

They also serve you a bunch of small appetizers called banchan, which may include kim chi, toufu and other Korean delights. It doesn’t look like much but I’m pretty sure you won’t be finishing a lot of them. The banchan makes a good palate cleanser to the stronger taste of the bulgogi.

So if you have been infected with the Korean bug, drop on by to Koreana to immerse yourself deeper into their culture. Who knows, maybe they’ll play Gangnam Style in the restaurant!


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