Rainforest World Music Festival 2012

101 Kam Pua

The Rainforest World Music Festival is back! Starting today, we will be treated to 3 days and 3 nights of extraordinary musicians playing their music for us at the Sarawak Cultural Village. It has been 15 years since the start of this musical extravaganza. It has even put Kuching on the map. The festival has been voted the Top 25 International Music Festivals in the world by the Songlines Magazine. We’ve all felt it too. There are more tourists here this time of year. The hotels are always full!

So what can you expect from this jungle music festival? It is first and foremost a World Music festival. A gathering of local and international musicians celebrating their country’s traditional, folk and local music and its hybrids. It eschews the pop music that we are saturated with on the airwaves. So we will definitely not find a Justine Bieber or a Britney Spears in this festival. Here is a video of what you can expect.

Having been to last year’s festival, I found that it was quite refreshing to be entertained by the different culture’s musical talents. From the Vanuatu’s Women’s Water Music to the folksy polkas of the Warsaw’s Village Band, the wide variety of sounds was nothing short of amazing. This year is no different; you will get music from the Brazilian Amazonian Indian’s to the music of the Celts.

I guess one of the beauties of this music is the authenticity of it all. It isn’t some sanitized pop music that is produced to make the most number of sales. Chances are the music found here will never find any air time on our radio broadcasts, which is a freaking shame. The same goes for some of the food we enjoy. It is difficult to find any good Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw in Kuching, because the original Penang style is sanitized to suit our supposed local taste. This is true for most kam pua you find in Kuching as well.

Ask anyone from Sibu. Our normal kam pua is nothing like what is found in Sibu. They say it is changed to suit the typical’s Kuchingites palates. The same is true for kolo mee in Sibu. So when I was recommended to try a kam pua in Kuching by a Sibu guy, I was extremely pleased. I was even more excited because the person recommending is not only from Sibu but a Chinese Chef from Sibu! How can this go wrong?

The place he recommended was at 101 Cafe in the 101 shops (Ed: Thanks Captain Obvious) just past the Jalan Song / Laksaman traffic lights. It is the first coffee shop you see when you turn into the area.

So what makes the kam pua here more authentic. First of all they don’t use char siew. There is pork but it isn’t the red char siew that we get on our kolo mees. The ones here are exactly like that and taste just fine.

The second thing is the stickiness of the noodles. I do find the non authentic versions to be more sticky and gooey even. The ones that you get here are just right. Of course one of the reasons why it is such is the amount of oil that is used. But this is why it is nice!

This is definitely the best kam pua that you can have in Kuching. The taste is authentic and is delightfully delicious. This is just not my opinion or the Sibu Chef’s opinion but of others from Sibu as well. For us Kuchingites, do give it a try and for home sick Sibuians (tangent: strangely enough in my research I found that there is no official adjectives for the people of Sibu!) this is a good place to get a taste of home.


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