Selamat Berpuasa

Dear readers, for those of you who are Muslim, let us welcome the holy month of Ramadhan and a Selamat Berpuasa to all of you. The coming of Ramadhan also brings another piece of good news.The BCCK Ramadhan Buffet is back!

I remember the one I went to last year. The lamb I had there was very nice and is still in my mind. So when I heard it was back this year, my taste buds was giddy salivating over the prospect of tasting the great variety of food on hand.

One of their dishes last year, the shawarma even made it to BCCK’s standard dish. It was one of the items available during the last PIKOM PC Fair at BCCK! Hopefully it will make it to the buffet as well.

I also wish that the dishes that were duds last year would be dropped or improved upon. Learn from your mistakes BCCK! I was also there for their CNY Buffet, so hopefully some of the nice dishes there make it to the Ramadhan Buffet!

So having been a veteran at a number of buffets, I would like to share with you some tips to maximise your enjoyment!

Do NOT starve yourself before the buffet

While a lot of people think that in order to maximise the amount of food they can stuff into their stomach, they must first stay away from food, this is an absolute fallacy. Ask anyone who have fasted before and they would tell you to reintroduce food slowly. Your stomach is not going to handle the shock of no food to tons of food being chucked in very well. So what you should do instead is have a normal breakfast first and then a light lunch earlier in the day. Some even recommend you to have a bigger dinner of carbs the night before, just to stretch the stomach a little.

Wear something comfortable and be more comfortable

Tight clothing looks good. Body hugging tight jeans are very attractive but you are not going to enjoy eating a buffet in those. Wear something loose and comfortable instead. This includes shoes! Don’t wear something that will hurt your feet as you would be doing a bit of walking. Painful feet will tire you out quickly. Also don’t forget to clear out last night’s dinner before you go for the buffet. You’ll definitely be appreciating the extra room later on.

Sit not too near and not too far

Don’t sit too near to where the food is. The mix of smells might sounds nice and appetizing but too much of a good thing will put you off faster than opening a tin of Surströmming. But sitting too far will cause you to walk a longer distance. This will inevitably lead to fatigue and an early night.

Scout First

Don’t just start by lining up straight away. Walk the whole dining area first. This will let you see what is available and what interest you. This includes the desserts. Sometimes you may find something hidden and unexpected. After scouting, then you can make your way around the buffet with your targets in mind.

Take a break midway

Now with all that food in your stomach, you need some time to digest them. Don’t be scared to take a break midway through your dinner just to do that. Talk to your dinner partners, watch the entertainment if any or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. But don’t try to take in too much liquid during this time. This will just cause you to feel even fuller.

Do NOT overeat

Last but not least, do NOT overeat. There is no point eating an expensive buffet if you are going to vomit it all out anyway. Not that you can’t stuff yourself silly. But know your own body. Don’t go overboard. Remember you are there to enjoy yourself!


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  1. I like these tips!!!

    Comment by Cyril Dason on 21 July 2012 at 12:29 am