Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Cat's Pyjamas Beef Burger

Kevin Bacon has been a lot of movies and quite a few of these movies have been ensemble movies. This has led to a very interesting trivia game. The game is simple. Name any actor and then link him/her to Kevin Bacon. This is called 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

For example, how does Will Smith links to Kevin Bacon? Will Smith was in Shark Tale (2004) with Renee Zellweger, who was also in Me One and Only (2009) with Kevin Bacon. How about someone from Asia, let’s say Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan was in My Name is Khan (2010) with Nancy Duerr who was also in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. How about Gurmit Sing, Phua Chu Kang himself. He was in One Leg Kicking (2001) with Lim Kay Tong, who was in “It Could Happen to You” (1994) with George Vincent who was in Sleepers (1996) with Kevin Bacon.

Of course, this only applies to Actors, but if you change it to anyone, even I have a connection to Mr. Bacon. Kevin Bacon starred in the movie Death Sentence (2007) which was directed by James Wan who was a class mate of mine in St. Thomas Primary School. Just goes to show how small the world really is.

Anyway, some good did come out of this trivia game. It somehow showed Kevin Bacon that he should be helping the world since everyone seems to be connected to everyone else in six simple steps. And he did. By helping create the, he gave a way for this meme to become a tool for charities that it partners with. Cool eh?

So how does this link to the food of the day? Well, because today’s review is about Cat’s Pyjamas beef burger. Cat’s Pyjamas use to be a fish and chip shop in Christchurch, New Zealand and Christchurch is also home to a lot of permanent residents and students from Kuching. Therefore it seems logical that we (especially Kuching Readers) should be able to link ourselves with someone who has eaten at the Cat’s Pyjamas before, in six simple steps. I call this Six Degrees of Cat’s Pyjamas.  Try it now and let me know in the comments section you all.

And just in case you don’t (even Kevin Bacon cannot be linked to 12% of the Actors in IMDB), you can actually now try it in Kuching. The original owner has now opened up a stall at the Padawan Food Fair in MJC. It is located to the right of the main stage. The sign “Cats Pyjamas” is quite big so you shouldn’t be able to miss it.

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I had the double beef, cheese, egg and bacon burger. The bacon is not in the menu, but I am sure the cook will be able to oblige. Also I hear that they have pineapple as well. You can definitely ask for a burger with all the trimmings.

The burger itself is good. The charring at the sides of the beef patty gives it a nice little crunch. The meat could be a bit juicier but it is still passable. The egg and the cheese with the rest of the condiments make this burger quite a hand full. Be prepared to clean up after yourself because it can be quite messy.

The piece de resistance has to be the bacon. Although I would have liked a little bit more bacon (2 strips of more), the bacon here does pushes this burger to a different level. It makes this burger feel like something you would get in NZ or any other western country. But this of course makes it 100%, most definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, non halal.

This is not the only bad news. There is a bigger one. The owners are just feeling out the market right now. They do not have a permanent base of operations. This means that this Sunday (25th March 2012) will be the last night that they will be operating. Hopefully, with a good enough push, they will consider to open at a more permanent location. I hope, at the least, that they will open a stall at this year’s Kuching Fest. Hopefully, this will mean that no one in Kuching will be more linked to Cat’s Pyjamas by more than 2 degrees of separation Cat’s Pyjamas.


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