Drum Sticks : The best ever?

Thompyam Spring Chicken

I have never been musically inclined. I can’t play any musical instruments except maybe the triangle and the castanet. I can’t read music and I have the voice of an angel, a fallen angel that is. But I do love listening to music and, like the rest of my interests, I have an eclectic taste for it. And one of those genres that interest me is Jazz and especially Jazz drummers.

Jazz drumming and the drum solos just awakens the primal nature in me. Drummers like Chick Webb, Gene Krupa, Ed Shaughnessy, Vinnie Colaiuta all are awesome and their drum solos will stir emotions in you that you never though you have. However there is one undisputed king of the drums and he is the one and only Buddy Rich.

Buddy Rich was a self taught drummer. A prodigy, he began playing drums when he was 18 months old and by the time he was a teenager, he was better than a lot of seasoned pros. He played with the best bands during his time like Tommy Dorsey’s band and Benny Carter’s. He was so good that he was able to lead his own band. But what I will forever remember him for is his drum solos. Words can’t describe his skill so I’ll let youtube do the talking instead.

And now that you have enjoyed this lovely music, time for the segue and what a corny segue it is today. Like Buddy Rich, today’s dish is also the best and also has drums and sticks. It is Thompyam’s Spring Chicken, 2 drumsticks per chicken. Cue drum roll.

Thompyam is a quaint little neighbourhood restaurant in Jalan Foochow, just on the route to Tabuan Jaya. This family restaurant has been around for a while but it is still a well kept secret. They serve Chinese dishes at a reasonable price. But this is not the biggest secret, the biggest secret of all is that they have the best spring chicken around.

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The chicken here is cooked as well as can be. The skin is nice and crispy, with a nice crunch to it. The colour of the chicken itself will make your appetite grow. The meat itself is tender and juicy. This type of chicken is traditionally served with salt and pepper mix and a couple of limes and they are keeping to that in Thompyam. The lime gives this dish a nice tang to the meat which adds an extra layer of taste to this dish.

Of course, it isn’t likely that you will consume this whole chicken by yourself, it should be one part of your dinner. But like Buddy Rich, the chicken will be the best part of your meal.


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