About Buddhism

posted 27/11/2012


Buddhism is a unique religion in the world. It is spreading world vide, even faster than the speed of the sun light. It is in great demand in Western. Therefore, and in the Western countries. As you are aware Buddhism; is already very established in Western countries. Therefore, it is our great responsibility to help the Western Buddhist laities who need our spiritual assistance. How ever, there is a wide shortage of English educated monks in Buddhist countries to teach Dhamma especially in the Western countries.

Fortunately, we are living in a world where technology has advanced and developed rapidly. Therefore. It is very easy to propagate Dhamma through the modern sophisticated instrumental equipment and high technology means. As such, we are planning to establish an English Teaching Centre in Sri-Lanka to train as many novice monks as possible to meet the need. The main objective is to train the novice monks to enable them to propagate the Dhamma everywhere possibilities are in the world.

Our Centre is seeking your kind supports and generous donations to make it possible for us to complete the English Teaching Centre in Sri- Lanka which shall be named as the “Samakolaka International Buddhist Centre. We wish to quote a saying from the Buddha; He who offers shelter benefits in way of unshakable strength, good complexion, happiness and right views, in this life and the life after”. Therefore, one who participates in this meritorious deed, will no doubt , get protection, prosperity, happiness and finally, they may get rid of their suffering forever.

Now building has all most completed. In this stage, we need your kind and very generous supports to accomplish other necessary infrastructural facilities to proceed our main purpose. I have stepped to this remarkable stage as you all supported me very sincerely. As Buddha says, light of wisdom dispels darkness of ignorance. Wisdom is a ornament for the people.(Panna Naranam Ratanam). So, one who supports for the monk’s education may able to get succeed of their present education and the happiest rebirth life after life. So, This is a very good opportunity you all to get a very comport life here and hereafter