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Linsanity: The Rise of the Underdog

Grape Tree Delight (Saberkas) Chicken Rice

I haven’t been interested in basketball since the days of playing basketball in the courtyard of my hostel during my college days. That was the time of Michael Jordan, Gary Peyton, Penny Hardaway, Shaq, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing.  Since all of them have retired, it has been a long time since I […]

To Each His Own

Top One Food Court - Lui Cha

Hi. My name is the Tummy and I am a cartoon addict. I’ve watched all sorts of cartoons throughout my life. From the classics of Woody Woodpecker to the violent and obscene animes like High School of the Dead, I’ve watched them all. I still watch the occasional Disney cartoons like Duck Tales and Goofy […]

Just a Lazy Post

Sing Sing Sing Yuen Vegetarian Kolo Mee

Hey folks, sorry for the delay. Due to CNY celebrations, I had to skip a posting. I didn’t have to but celebration laziness kicked in. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year and Chap Goh Mei to those celebrating! Let’s welcome the year of the Dragon, the only mythical creature in the Chinese horoscope! Back to the […]

Double Happiness

BCCK Chinese New Year Buffet

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. On Monday, the Water Dragon will rear its hopefully auspicious head to the sound and lights of the supposedly illegal firecrackers. There will be food and snacks galore,  people showing off their new clothes, lots of ngabang (visiting) and the occasional Lion Dance. Of course, this is […]

Dates, Numbers, Direction and Fortune

BCCK Prosperity Chinese New Year Set

Us Chinese are a pretty superstitious lot. Don’t believe me? Try checking out the number of Chinese weddings during the Chinese 7th Lunar month. Compare that to the number of Chinese weddings during the Chinese 8th Lunar month.  One you would probably need to book at least a year in advance. The other you could […]

2012 Resolutions

Little Hainan Char Siew Rice

It is now the 5th day of 2012. I am sure most of you out there would have made some New Year resolutions for 2012. You know, like improving your finances, get a better job, get better grades, be better organized, take a trip, yadda yadda. To be honest, there is no need to wait […]

A Year in Review

Old Rex Cucur

Christmas has passed. 2011 is at an end. This is the last dish review for the year. This will be the 32nd dish review here on thetum.my. A lot of things have been learnt. I hope that over the last 32 dish reviews, my writing has improved. I believe that my food photography has improved […]

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Oriental Park Kolo Mee

Hey folks! It’s eve of Christmas Eve! I hope all your Christmas shopping is done. Last post I talked about buying gifts for friends and family but Christmas is also a time to receive presents as well! Hooray! I don’t mean to sound materialistic, but hey, getting Christmas loot is always fun.  And it isn’t […]

5 Ways to Lift Your Christmas Spirit

Raintree @ BCCK Christmas Eve 5 Course Dinner

It’s Christmas time again. How is your Christmas spirit? Has the Yuletide mood infected your soul yet? If not let me suggest 5 things that will surely help you gain the joys of this festive season. After all, if it helps me a non-Christian be as jolly as old Saint Nick, it would help anyone. […]

Lawyer Lawyer

Chong and Low Cafe Mince Meat Noodles

Lawyers have always gotten a bad rap. They have been the butt of many jokes probably only second to dumb blonde jokes. Nolo Press managed to publish a 171-page compilation of negative anecdotes about lawyers.  Some of these jokes accuses them of having less morals than a 2 dollar hooker and would sell the souls […]